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Polycom RealPresence Centro

It’s time to reevaluate our thinking! The conference room experience has remained stagnant for eons. Polycom has changed the game.

Experience an interactive demonstration as if you were in the room and see with your own eyes how Polycom is changing the way people collaborate space and become more productive with its latest innovation in video collaboration technology, Polycom RealPresence Centro. Giving everyone equality of contribution regardless of where they are located.

The ProMedia Group promotes and integrates the RealPresence throughout Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Clearwater, Sarasota, Miami and more! The Polycom RealPresence Centro is highly recommended by The ProMedia Group! Visit us at our website to discover more https://thepromediagroup.com/polycom-centro.
RealPresence Centro: Audio

~Supports Polycom’s legendary audio quality in a single form factor.

• Polycom NoiseBlock technology removes distracting keyboard typing, paper rustling, and similar interruptions, it blocks out all noises and just picks up on human voices.
• The PolyCom RealPresence Centro allows the powered speakers to duplicate Polycom-quality audio coming from far end contributors.
• Lost Packet Recovery protects audio and video quality in even the most stimulating network conditions – up to 80% packet loss

RealPresence Centro: Video
~Allows everyone to easily see and be seen no matter where they are in the space.
• Developed monitor placement allows everyone to sit in comfort and maintain in visual connection with everyone near and far with a simple glance.
• Patented production shows active speakers and 360° contextual views to everyone near and far
• Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows anyone to start participating with a single touch.

RealPresence Centro: Content
~ Gives equal access to everyone near and far to share, annotate, and save content.
• Share content up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second
• Polycom allows you to Use the Pano App to wirelessly share content from a PC or MAC

RealPresence Centro Convenience
~This design adds a level of convenience that will keep users come back to engage over and over
• Elegant LCD showing microphone status, time-in-call, time elapsed
• Video privacy is a simple touch to hide the camera
• Easily start, stop, and playback session recordings from your personal device

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