Video Conferencing

Conference Rooms Audio and High Definition Video Conferencing must have high quality audio and video to be completely effective. Just as important, it must be easy to use. Our control systems will allow you to “start up” your system with one touch of a button. Meetings can be scheduled and automated from any office on your network.

High Definition Video Conferencing

Automatic system monitoring will prevent unnecessary usage of lamps and monitors, and all but eliminate down time. Training Rooms We will help you select the correct tools to make your trainers the best in the business. With the use of proven training technology, along with our expertise, your trainees can focus on learning. Our Training Room designs provide high quality images, and the correct proportion to the room size and lighting requirements. Auditoriums From high definition video and surround sound, to the quarterly CEO address, The ProMedia Group will create an environment to fully address your needs. Auditoriums require specific components to accommodate their size and unique structure. Build-outs We understand the nature of the short timelines and multiple processes overlapping into the same space during build-outs.

Our project manager will attend the construction meetings and work closely with your contractors to provide the best results for your company’s move into a new facility. It is vital to get our designers into the process as early as possible to advise on cabling and power issues related to all AV and Sound Masking Systems.

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