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Audiovisual Solutions for Meeting Equity

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Audiovisual Solutions for Meeting Equity

Meeting equity means that everyone in the hybrid workplace has an equal opportunity to communicate, contribute and share ideas, whether in person or remotely. Making meeting equity a reality means using the best audiovisual solutions that promote inclusion and make all feel like they can easily have a share in the discussion.

The years 2020 and 2021 saw the greatest rise in hybrid meetings. What is a hybrid meeting? It’s one where there are in-person and remote participants at the same time. The big issue, though, is if the remote participants feel like they really are part of the meeting. Not being physically present in meetings can definitely have an impact on workers because they can end up missing critical parts of the conversation or have issues even joining the conversation in the first place.

The key to fixing this is to bring the remote participant into the meeting room as an equal player in the discussion, conversation and decision-making. But, finding the right audiovisual solutions to do this can be a challenge. Over 50% of people have technical issues, and nearly 60% of people have a hard time sharing content so that everyone, remote workers included, can benefit. Most remote attendees feel like they aren’t being seen or heard. That’s why you need a meeting room ecosystem with high-quality audio and video solutions that can enable an inclusive, equal meeting experience for all, regardless of whether they are in the office or working remotely.

How can technology allow for more participation in hybrid meetings? It’s not just a matter of turning your camera on at all times. It’s also capturing the sound in the room, reducing background noises, and focusing on the person that is speaking. It means having good cameras that show all the participants in the room and zoom in on those speaking so you can see facial expressions and body language, even when you are not physically present. Remote workers also need quality hardware and software such as a good quality laptop and monitor, HD webcam, noise canceling headphones, and a high-speed internet connection.

Four ways in which you can promote equity in your meetings are:

  1. by engaging the remote participants as if they were really in the room
  2. by equipping your meeting space with good lighting, acoustics, cameras, speakers, and displays
  3. by making sure your remote participant has the tech they need to participate
  4. by investing in audiovisual solutions, such as Barco’s Clickshare, that allows for collaboration between everyone

Equity is important. People need to feel included in conversations and decisions. If equity is a challenge in your business, consider having a conversation about how to fix it. Along with that, find audiovisual solutions to help. The experts at The ProMedia Group in Tampa are ready to help you make the most of your meeting room. From design to installation to maintenance and training, they can help in making your future meetings equitable. Call 800-881-6887 or email sales@thepromediagroup.com to get started today.




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