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Digital Signage

The ProMedia Group can provide you with the perfect digital signage solution that’s easy to use and easy to update. Our solutions will impress your clients and improve the optics of your company. Digital signage can come in many different forms. We can provide you with an easy to use, turnkey digital signage solution that will meet any need.

Imagine if you could install the perfect Digital Signage Solution. It would be user friendly and simple to make modifications. It would communicate the proper message and motivate your target audience. It would amaze clients and your business would look more professional. Well imagine no longer, because The ProMedia Group can fulfill your Digital Signage objectives.

Digital Signage can come in many different forms and varieties. There are many complex decisions to be made regarding the type of hardware and software to use; as well as the proper installation to meet your specific requirements. The ProMedia Group can provide a seamless and easy turnkey Digital Signage solution that will meet your specific needs, with a focus on simple operation and updating.

Where do you start? Which type of hardware will you use?

What type of software would be the best application for your requirements?

What about connectivity, installation, content?

The ProMedia Group can assist you to design and develop the perfect Digital Signage Solution for any environment.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is used almost everywhere – hospitality, healthcare, corporate, transportation and at sporting events. Let us provide you with a signage solution that’s easy to design and easy to manage.

Digital signage is often done via LED, LCD or projection displays. Content is often digital images such as video, marketing information, outdoor advertising, maps and streaming media; it can even provide wayfinding and directions. From small to large applications, digital signage can meet your needs.

What are your Digital Signage Requirements?

You may wonder where to begin when starting your digital signage project. How many displays will you need? What will you use for content? What is the budget?

All these questions are critical to determine the best type of technology and approach for your unique application. From single screen displays to video wall style menu boards, let us help you in the decision making process. The ProMedia Group will provide the expertise you need to evaluate, design, develop, build and install your perfect digital signage solution.

Determining the best digital signage software to use, including media players and content management solutions, are important decisions that need to be determined. An attention-grabbing, dynamic digital signage solution can increase sales immediately – plus it’s easily deployable.

The ProMedia Group has installed a variety of different Digital Signage Solutions a number of diverse applications. Let our experience work for you.

Call The ProMedia Group Today to see how easy it is to Employ use and install Digital Signage!

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