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Board Rooms

Boardroom AV

Board Room Audio Visual Services

Each meeting location has its own design requirements. Boardrooms have specific requirements that need to be met in order to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Boardrooms typically are used for presentations to a board and for collaboration within the board. They differ considerably from Conference rooms and Training rooms. It is therefore important for these rooms to have the best environment and technology that will make possible effective and engaging meetings. The ProMedia Group can provide a detailed design that not only takes into account the business requirements for the boardroom, but also the environment and general comfort of the room. Seating and lighting are also very critical elements to the Boardroom being productive and efficient.

Providing high quality and productive meeting spaces are what The ProMedia Group specializes in. Selecting the best audio system, video conferencing system, lighting and seating that provide efficiency and ease of use are just some of the elements that The ProMedia Group will provide.

Typical Boardroom environments have higher quality equipment which may include larger and higher resolution displays or projection systems. Superior audio systems and video conferencing equipment along with power lifts to hide or reveal equipment are normally installed.

The ProMedia Group will design and build a boardroom environment that will allow ideas to flourish and come to life. By creating a flexible and versatile system along with reliable and easy to operate Audio Visual solutions that will assist your business or organization to communicate and collaborate effectively.

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